Restaurante Las Tomasas

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A little bit about our history


The Albaicín has been described by his seductive charms as the most suggestive, evocative and attractive of neighborhoods in the magical city of Granada. A white neighborhood of narrow streets where you can feel the three cultures that have dominated the ancient history of Granada. And always, opposite the Alhambra. Vigilante imposing than peers from every corner to extol, still further, the beauty of this amazing place.

El Carmen

The improbable twists and turns that are the streets and squares of Albaicín are partly due to the typical construction of this district, El Carmen, and its merger with beautiful churches, monasteries, ancient Moorish buildings. El Carmen is typically an area of Granada, which the writer Luis Seco de Lucena defined as private property attached to a house in running the home life of the owner, for the Carmen, a little garden and orchard, an integral part of home . This circumstance makes it quiet and hidden and secluded environment imprine privacy.

El restaurante

In 1989 the restaurant opened using some of its beautiful gardens and a summer terrace where snacks and dinner are served cold. Since then it has expanded its diverse restaurants and indoor and outdoor facilities for a total customer delight. Beautifully decorated indoor dining rooms and several outdoor terraces that blends with the environment in a clear example of balance, harmony and perfect symbiosis with the stage, incomparable, this Carmen.

Restaurante Las Tomasas offers a variety of indoor and outdoor dining rooms where you will have the best experiencie and will definitely enjoy your event

Elegant and excellent service

Incredible views and amazing vibe at the most beautiful restaurant of the Albaicín. Enjoy your lunch or dinner whilst having a stunning view of the Alhambra

Magic, beauty, armony

We look carefully the seasonal product for our guests

Outstanding product

Our services

The views, gardens and outdoors
  • Located in the historic neighborhood of Albayzin with panoramic views of the Alhambra and Generalife gardens (National monuments).
  • Three outdoor terraces equipped with infrared heaters that could allocate 35, 50 and 60 guests.
  • Outdoor terrace inside a green space for drinks and cocktails.
  • Private areas available (from 25 guests).
  • Garden and terrace rentals for private events.
Indoor dining rooms
  • Indoor dining rooms with incredible views, carefully decorated with a capacity of 30 and 80 guests.
  • Terrace equipped with window panes, standard and infrarred heaters for winter season. Microclimate is available during summer.
Services and products
  • Professional trained staff.
  • Bilingual waiter service (French and English).
  • Seasonal and quality product driven cuisine.
  • Seasonal Menu (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer).
  • Broad portfolio of group and event menus (seasonal, cocktail party, wedding and big events and communion menus).

Enjoy an unforgettable experience